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Let's look at 3 different ways to write up the METHOD section of your Lab Reports and the language (vocabulary and structures) we use for each one.
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How do we use the IMPERATIVE?
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To improve your list you can use LINKING EXPRESSIONS to show the ORDER instead of just numbering the instructions.
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Now let’s look at our 2 lists side-by-side and COMPARE them: what do they both have in common (what is the same)? ........
CONTRAST them: what is different about them? ....
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Now let’s look at the 2nd way of writing up the METHOD .... this time we are going to write it up like an ACCOUNT of what we did:

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Does it still look the same?
So WHAT did we CHANGE?
Is it still a LIST of SENTENCES or is it now a PARAGRAPH?
Did the LINKING EXPRESSIONS we added to our 2nd List make it easier for us to change it into a paragraph? Look at the two together and find out ....
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Now let’s look at our 3rd way - this is the way many secondary pupils and university students and real scientists do it.....
They all know that the purpose of the METHOD is to let other scientists (or students!) repeat/duplicate your experiment to check if their results are the same as yours. And.. they should be! In other words WHO does the experiment is not really important, it’s the RESULTS which are important. This is why they write their METHOD as an IMPERSONAL Account using the PASSIVE.
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Does it still look the same? NO!!!
So WHAT did we CHANGE?
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Is it still a PARAGRAPH?
What has happened to us??? and the verbs???

Writing up METHOD 10.JPGWriting up METHOD 12.JPG
Writing up METHOD 12.JPG

Let’s look at all 3 ways together...
Which one do you like most? Why? Is it the best?

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