NOW we are going to practise another section of the Lab Report:
This is where you put :
  • your TABLE with the data you collected during your experiment i.e. the measurements you took
  • and the GRAPH you have to draw of these results
This is how you are going to practise:
Gr 8 LAB REPORTS – Practise

Download the WORD version of this assignment by clicking the link above.
You are going to use a website that will help you IF and only if you remember that you are:
YOU want to IMPROVE YOUR LEARNING SKILLS……. AND MAKE something that will HELP you IN THE FUTURE every time you have to draw a graph … e.g. when you are writing the RESULTS section of your lab report or when you are doing graphs in Maths. How?
  • by organising your own time i.e. learning to be an independent learner
  • by looking carefully at your mistakes and learning WHERE you went wrong and WHY
  • by working out some SIMPLE RULES which you can make into a TICK LIST
What do you have to do?
  1. 1: The Case of the Confusing Axes
  2. 2: Choose your x and y carefully
  3. 3: Practice labelling the axes
  4. 4: Next step: ranging the axes
  5. 5: Practice ranging the axes
  6. 6: Next step: scale the axes
  7. 7: Practice determining labelled tick distance
  8. 8: How to scale axes
  9. 9: Finally, fill in the axes
  • Open this document BEFORE you go to the website and SAVE AS :
  • LAB REPORT -GRAPH practise - YOUR NAME.docx
  • you have to put your own name here
  • as you work through each section, fill in the table below

  • save your document just BEFORE the end of each lesson and e-mail it to me.
  • NOW, follow the link to the website and start….
  • if you have any questions or problems ASK ME!!!!
REMEMBER: the purpose of this is to DO IT WELL (not get all the answers right as quickly as possible!!) AND LEARN!

external image placeholder?w=200&h=50P.S. This website was made for 1st year university students !!!!!! but I think it will help you as well.