You are going to be researching into one aspect of the topic we have been working on.
The purpose is to:
  • find knowledge ……… i.e. LEARN something about the topic
  • use that knowledge…… i.e. DO something with it e.g. DESCRIBE …, EXPLAIN … etc

The aspects you will be researching are:
  1. non-renewable energy
  2. renewable energy
  3. how power plants work
  4. how electricity is transmitted and distributed from the power plant to homes, factories and offices

  • Once you have found your information you will decide how you are going to use it: describe the sources of you kind of energy …….. explain how they formed or how they are used ….. compare/contrast them…
  • Then you are going to prepare your work.
  • Finally you are going to present it to the rest of your classmates. Your presentation (5-7 minutes) must have:
  • a TITLE – saying what information you researched and what you are going to do with it.
An explanation of how renewable sources were formed .................... or
A description of how a power plant transforms fossil fuels into electricity.
  • Pictures and/or diagrams to help you.

RESOURCES you can use for TOPICS a. and b.:

RESOURCES you can use for TOPICS c. and d.:

Some examples of student´s work:

Take notes on the information your classmates present, while they are giving their talk.
After they have finished use the notes you made to show what you learned from their talk.