Try this simulation to see how static electricity works.
1.SELECT the yellow balloon and DRAG it to the jumper /sweater
2. Without letting go RUB the balloon quickly over the jumper a few times.
3.OBSERVE what happens to some of the particles on the jumper.
4.What happens to the balloon?
5.DRAG the balloon away from the jumper and LET GO.
6.What happens to the balloon? Why does it behave this way?
7.Now SELECT & DRAG the yellow balloon to the wall on the right?
8.OBSERVE what happens when you move the balloon up and down the wall.

NOW, Let's DESCRIBE and EXPLAIN what we see.

While we rubbed the balloon on the jumper some of the negative charges transferred from the jumper to the balloon. The jumper now had more + charges and the balloon had more - charges. leaving the jumper positively charged and the balloon negatively charged.